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heal at home kits 

100% Natural Mind/Body/Soul Bespoke Therapeutic Healing Kits ¤ Drug Free ¤ Quick Results ¤ Delivered to your door anywhere in the world. For whatever emotional challenges life throws at you

Our holistic bespoke support kits are created just for you & your particular issue. We thoroughly recommend them as support for various issues such as raising self confidence, overcoming heartbreak, improving your relationships, anger management issues, menopause management, ADHD & Aspergers management, overcoming anxiety, reducing stress etc. We can put together a kit for any issue and post them anywhere in the world for you to use 10 minutes a day morning & night for 30 - 60 days, & then as needed. Completely drug free, 100% natural. Price includes postage worldwide

bespoke holistic support kits for any issue to support positive change on every level. delivered to your door, worldwide

1-2 months supply US$ 99

popular choices:

heartbreak rescue

relationship rescue

self esteem support

confidence support

calm & focus

anxiety & distress

stress & overwhelm

menopause mgmt


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