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Are you ready to heal inherited generational imprints and rewrite them to design a new life for yourself? 

To be free of traumas, limiting beliefs, fears, phobias & blocks which cause dis-ease?

Hello my love! Welcome to I Want That Remedy, & Healing4u where we make positive change easy for you! You don't even need to leave your own home.  There’s no feeling bad about yourself, no drugs or medications, no need to revisit traumatic events; just the effortless handing over of the issues to someone else to fix while you get on with your life. Holistic Energy Healing also treats the whole person, not just visible symptoms. I remove limiting beliefs, blocks, trapped emotions & dis-ease for you, easily & effortlessly, allowing you to get on with living your life. This is not just Reiki! I am trained in many healing modalities including Emotion Code, Body Code, Infinity Healing, Chios etc & draw from whichever one feels most appropriate to your issue.  I tune in psychically to your energy, no matter where you are in the world, & I am told my gift is very old & very powerful.


I offer Personal Sessions as well as Remote Healing Activations which work with your Higher Self, which then directs the clearing, healing & activation for your specific issues. My Bespoke Holistic Healing Kits will support you through the process of positive change, & my 1 : 1 counselling,  lifeskills coaching & support services are available via messenger chat so its totally private no matter where you are or who you are with. You are not alone, I am here for you. Lots of love, Jo xoxo

Meet Jo
Why Energy Healing

why distance energy healing?

Drug free, pain free, time efficient, effective & available worldwide

available worldwide!

I simply tune in to your energy anywhere in the world while you sleep or do other things

feeling distressed, in pain or upset? 

Oh darling! Simply book online & let me clear that for you or your loved one

battling emotional, mental or physical issues?

It's an act of self care to reach out for help when you need it. Whatever you or your loved one is experiencing, I can help. Every problem has a cause which may be a past trauma, an ancestral problem or an imbalance. I find & clear them all without drugs & no matter where you are in the world. You can go about your day or even be asleep during your session. How easy is that?

pets or children having issues?

Behaviour problems have an underlying cause. I find & clear it for them painlessly with a special discount for foster parents and shelters

facing surgery or
recovering from an injury or surgery?

Avoid surgery, or recover faster and without complications from injury or surgery with the support of energy healing.  Anesthetics & medications also take their own toll on the body and have long term complications & can stay in your body for years unless cleared

needing detoxification?

If substance abuse or addiction are preventing you from enjoying life fully, I can help

stressed, anxious or obsessive thoughts? 

Stress,  anxiety & obsessive thinking causes so many of our problems! Why not book a session to clear yours & feel better without drugs or medications

health problem?

Our bodies give us symptoms as messages of an underlying problem. Acting sooner than later to clear them is best


I can fix that for you! Stress takes a huge toll on our bodies & leads to many dis-orders & dis-eases




some words of love from clients... continued

I had a session with Jo-Anne and it was amazing. I immediately felt relieved and a lot calmer which is a huge relief after crying for 3 weeks! Much less anxiety too. I feel I am more centred to deal with what's happening in my life and that I can act effortlessly towards my Highest Good! Jo-Anne is extremely kind and gentle in her healing, but still going deeper to eradicate the issue. I totally recommend her services!

SylviaS Italy

I experienced a wonderful session from Jo-Anne. 
I messaged with my issues and then slept whilst she worked on me. 
She intuitively picked up on my blocks and I woke feeling wonderful. So much lighter than before. 
I have been working on my personal development and was facing issues but this has helped clear my path. My anxiety is lower too.  Genuine and beautiful soul x

MiakezD UK

Thanks so much to Jo-Anne for an amazing remote healing during the week.
She helped clear some beliefs anxiety from my childhood as well as past lives. She was really accurate with the ages of traumas that I had had, and I felt much calmer afterwards.
If you're looking for an intuitive healer, give Jo-Anne a go, she knows her stuff!

StephanieK  Australia

I had a distance healing with Jo and she was amazing. I've felt amazing since it was done and all these things in my life have just come together. Jo is also a lovely lady to chat with. THANKYOU so much lovely. ❤️❤️

WendyB UK

 ..Since the healing few days ago Lulu has changed quite a bit - for the better. The difference is priceless: there's so much more peace and love. She hasn't gone into an aggressive overdrive when playing, she's not skittish and so much more settled and becoming a calm snuggle bug. She initiates play and affection. We just had a great silly play and no one was bitten nor bled. After 3 years of that being an everyday occurrence this is amazing I can't tell you how much this means to all of us. Jo-Anne's work is like magic and I'll be coming back for more. For myself, too. ✨🌻💗

MDebi O Wales


I booked a session because of a bad pain under my arm.  Not only was the pain gone but people around me noticed how much calmer I was after the healing.  They actually said I was a different person, no longer angry & argumentative!  I had 2 more sessions with Jo & my whole life has changed for the better including having a wonderful relationship now, thanks to Jo's help clearing my past baggage. Thank you Jo

JimS Australia

Jo's healings has been invaluable to my whole family! She has helped me with everything from headaches to anxiety, my children, my husband &  my pets. Her distance healings are effective for anything & everything from past issues to current ones, from medical problems to behaviour problems and I can't recommend her highly enough.  If you are looking for effective healing, I thoroughly recommend Jo.  Thank you Jo! xoxoxo

Shondra D Australia

My furbaby was grieving the loss of his father dog. He was not eating & we were extremely concerned for him.  Jo tuned in & cleared the trauma & grief for him and we have a happy pupper back now.  Thank you Jo, very thankful for your help.

Melanie D South Africa


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based in Australia, available worldwide

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