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Take Back Your Power Activation

  • 20 minutes
  • 65 US dollars
  • via distance healing

Service Description

Would you like to step into an alternate reality? Perhaps one where you are fearless rather than fearful.. Or one where you are successful instead of struggling to make ends meet.. Perhaps for you its about being with a partner who adores you .. All this is possible with my remote activations. Blocks are cleared, ancestral blight is removed, old patterns replaced with new empowering ones, balance of your divine masculine & feminine is restored, old stories are rewritten & everything changes for the better.. gently.... easily...... & it's as simple as booking your Remote Activation ​Remote Healing Activations work with your Higher Self, which then directs the clearing, healing & activation for your specific issues. You don't need to do anything after booking your service except drink water! The activation contains a command to go until done, however long it takes. The service will be done for you within 48 hours of your payment being received & I will message you when its done with how long your Higher Self tells me it will take for you to process & integrate. How easy is that? Would you like to reclaim your power? If you would like to clear your ancestral & past life patterning of all the ancestors before you who have given away theirs, clear your energy of the trauma of all the times you've given away yours including in your childhood, & recall all of that power to you; then this activation is for you!

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